Tanana Valley Fair

The Tanana Valley Fairgrounds are becoming more active each day as the opening of the Tanana Valley State Fair Friday quickly approaches.

For the next four days KTVF will be talking with Fair General Manager Randi Carnahan to give you some insight into what changes are being made to improve the fair, which includes new events, food booths, exhibits, and overall enhancements to make the fair more enjoyable for everyone.

Tonight a major change has been added that Randi thinks will make the fair more fun and prosperous for visitors and business owners.

That's because the fair has been extended to 10 days.

"We have, we've added a day, we’ve been asked for a very long time to run for two full weekends, instead of cutting it short on a Saturday night.

So we're doing that this year.

We'll be closing on a Sunday night the 12th, at 9pm instead of our usual Saturday night at 11 pm.

The fireworks will be on Sunday night at 9pm because that's always traditionally the close of the fair."

Tomorrow night, we'll highlight another addition to the fair that should make a large number of people more comfortable as they walk around the fair grounds.