Talking "gun rights" at Denny's today


Fairbanks gun rights advocates on Friday will hear the second of four weekly forums on the issue.
All forums will be held at Denny's Restaurant on Airport Way.
Former Fairbanks North Star Borough Assemblywoman Bonnie Williams last week led a discussion of Second Amendment issues, as well as touching on the recent school shootings and newspapers publicly identifying people who hold permits to carry concealed firearms.
Today's forum will be led by renowned firearms expert Joe Nava.
Other forms will focus on state concealed firearm laws, armed guards in schools, concealed weapons by school authorities and other issues.
BONNIE WILLIAMS, MODERATOR from INTERIOR REPUBLICANS told Newscenter 11 "He's (Nava's) really good he's going to talk about concealed carry and res of prosperity those kinds of things the value of it what happens if you take a class what is it that you learn you do learn things in there its very, very good the following week we'll be discussing some of the purposed things to help should we have armed police in school for example and some people who say yes and some people who say no"