Sustainability: The key to our future


The word sustainability is being used a lot nowadays, in regard to how we do things for the future.

Sustainability has a sometimes complicated definition.

Michele Hebert, Sustainability Coordinator at the University, said, "Sustainability is everything related to our environment, to our economics, economy, and social programs that help make sure we're going to have a future sustaining ourselves for the next thousand years. So it's a lot of different things, 'cause you know most people think of alternative energy, renewable energy and recycling. Of course those are three of my popular programs."

Fort Wainwright has a number of programs that push sustainability, including recycling.

Bernie Karl of K and K Recycling said "We bury everything, we think out of sight out of mind. Wrong. What is that doing for your grandkids and my grandkids? Zero. We leave them a mess."

He said that Fort Wainwright will be the first army base in the world to have zero going to a landfill.

There is even financial sustainability. 

 "Financial sustainability for us means empowering people to be in charge of their own finances and take the tools and tips and learn how to apply them to their own situation," says Shea Vines of MACS Federal Credit Union. "Everybody's situation is different, so we want to give them the education to sustain themselves so they don't have to depend on things like credit cards and loans in the future."

Anyone interested in more information about sustainable lifestyles can call the office of sustainability at UAF at 474-5070 or visit their website: