Surveillance footage shows Koenig kidnapping

The FBI and Anchorage Police Department have released a detailed account of the kidnapping and murder of the 18 year old Barista, Samantha Koenig late last evening. Please be advised: the video can be considered disturbing to some viewers.

Inside the report were chilling details of the moments leading up to her death as well as details of the murder itself.

It is said that Keyes chose the Common Grounds Espresso due to location, and the fact that it was open later than other stands. Keyes approached the stand and asked for a coffee in his own cup, and then pulled a gun on Koenig. He then asked her to give him all the money in the till, and afterwards tied her hands and escorted her from the coffee hut.

From there Koenig did break away and try to run; however, she was tackled by Keyes, and then brought to his truck, which was prepared earlier for an abduction. Keyes then demanded Koenig's ATM card and pin, took her to a shed located in the front of his home, where she remained while he went to her home, stole her cell phone and ATM card, and when confronted by her boyfriend, left.

He then returned to the shed, sexually assaulted Koenig and asphyxiated her. Keyes left for a cruise later that evening, and returned almost 15 days later when he demanded ransom, and ultimately disposed the body.

The FBI and APD released this information in hopes that the public would be able to help in the other murders that Keyes has been linked to with the details.

Video courtesy of KTUU