Summer Arts Festival

Thirty three years ago retired school teacher Jo Scott had a dream to create a study performance activity here in Fairbanks.

That dream grew from a jazz festival in 1980 to an event that would allow more than 1000 talented people along with more than 150 visiting instructors create the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.

The philosophy of the festival is to enrich the lives of whom they associate – through study and performances, by engaging their spirit, intellect, and energy in an empowering way.

All this week guest artists are performing at lunchtime, not only at the university but at other sites around town, showcasing a variety of musical talents and sounds.

Marsha Knobel with the Summer Arts Festival says the variety of students and instructors represents what the festival is all about.

"There are concerts all over town and at the University. The University of Alaska hosts the festival as they have for the 33 years, and they are wonderful generous hosts, along with many wonderful sponsors throughout the community who support the arts.

"You can cook, you can dance, you can play an instrument, you can learn to play a clown, you can do just about everything you can imagine."

There is still time to sign up for classes. To find out more to go