Students aim to eliminate teen homelessness in Fairbanks

FAIRBANKS, AK -- An unfortunate statistic in the Fairbanks area is that more and more teens are becoming homeless daily. The proof is in the number of teens that are flocking to the Presbyterian church downtown to spend the night.

The Honor Societies of Lathrop and West Valley high schools want to do something about this crisis.  The the two groups will team with the Fairbanks Youth Advocates to create a homeless youth shelter called "The Door."

On Saturday, May 4th, a fundraising auction will be held from 5 to 8pm at the Presbyterian church downtown, with all receipts going toward the new shelter.

The Door is expected to open later this fall on Tenth Avenue and will offer more than just shelter for the homeless kids.

Briana Berner, President for the Lathrop Honor Society, says this auction will go a long way toward helping homeless teens.

"Actually that's one of the great things about The Door, and the Fairbanks Youth Advocates, is that they are partnered with Clearwater Counseling," says Berner. "So all of the kids who end up going through The Door and living at the emergency shelter will have counseling, professional counseling from Clearwater available to them."