Stuart Creek Wildfire creates smaller blazes; Teams from the Lower 48 time out

Another Public meeting is scheduled for the Stuart Creek 2 Wildfire tonight at 6:30pm at the Pleasant Valley Community Center.

The fire is still creating issues for the firefighters working the blaze.

According to Fire Officials, the fire crossed the South Fork Chena River on Sunday.

As of news time 5 other spot fires were reported to be burning from the large fire.

The current acreage of the fire is 85, 457 and it has now been reported at 57 percent contained.

This is a 19 percent increase from yesterday.

The meeting will discuss the instigating factors of the fire as well as team time outs.

The teams brought up from the Lower 48 to assist will be heading home and as of Thursday morning a Type 2 team of Alaskan based firefighters will take over entirely.

There is still an advisory out for Residents of the Chena Hot Springs Road Area, however according to Officials there is no threat to personal property at this point.