Strykers wrap up training

Soldiers from the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team left Fort Wainwright, March 23, and moved to the Yukon Training Area, Alaska to establish an assembly in preparation for Stryker Gunnery Training March 23-April 14.

The Squadron Quartering Party, a group of logistics Soldiers tasked to establish the base camp to speed up operational readiness, arrived at YTA a day ahead of the battalion and received the Troops and set-up the tactical operations center.

They also established communication and logistical assets and prepared the site for the arrival of the Squadron’s Strykers, Humvees, and Troopers.

During the gunnery Troopers trained and fired: MK-19 grenade launcher; M2 .50-caliber machine gun; M240B machine gun; M4 carbine; 120mm mortar; and 60mm mortar in various tactical scenarios. Troopers fired range Stryker Gunnery along with section live fires, mortar live fires and arctic reconnaissance missions.

Stryker crews worked toward greater proficiency in their ability to acquire, identify, engage and destroy targets. The command and control capabilities of the squadron were employed at troop and squadron level with the use of frequency modulated and high frequency radios, Retransmission Strykers and a wide range of digital systems, tracking all elements moving and training during the operation.