Stranded Hunters Rescued near Wells Bay

Alaska State Troopers and Coast Guard Officials were called to rescue stranded hunters this weekend.

According to Troopers, they received the call reporting 3 stranded hunters near Wells Bay; the hunters were identified as 41-year-old Joseph Romano of Anchorage, 47-year-old Edward Curry of Pennsylvania, and 19-year-old Franklin Paulson of Anchorage.

The hunters had left their boat overnight and upon return, the river had risen making it unreachable.

The three used a satellite phone to call for assistance; Troopers in the Valdez and Cordova area were unable to reach the men due to high seas and poor weather conditions.

The U.S. Coast Guard was called for assistance and responded with a helicopter.

The hunters were hoisted onto the helicopter and were taken to Valdez where one was treated for mild hypothermia.