State requests more time to review so-called Fairbanks Four case

Members with the Alaska Innocence Project this evening received the long awaited response from the State Prosecutor’s Office regarding the case of the so-called Fairbanks Four.

According to April Monroe Frick with Free the Fairbanks Four, the letter came requesting an extension for the review of the case until May of 2014.

Also in the response, the prosecutor asked there be no hearing for the extension until early December due in part to a planned absence by the examining prosecutor, Adrienne Bachman.

The Alaska Innocence Project has recently received public support from Senator Lisa Murkowski and others in the State have followed as well.

Today, Senator Mark Begich also penned a letter of support to Governor Sean Parnell in response to the findings of the Alaska Innocence Project saying, "I write in support of the review of the trials of Marvin Roberts, Eugene Vent, Kevin Pease, and George Freese," he further went on to ask for "complete review as swift as possible."

The letter directs the Governor to the fact that the Four have maintained their innocence in the brutal 1997 murder of John Hartman.

The letter is the second openly supporting the review of the case by the state.

April Monroe Frick says about the request for more time in the review quote, “what this case is doing is unveiling a lot of really problematic issues in our justice system at large.”