State D.O.T. Crews ready for Upcoming Onslaught of Snow

FAIRBANKS, Ak - Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities has been prepping these past few days for the upcoming arrival of snow to the Interior.

Crews have been laying down a foundation of sand and gravel at major intersections in town and have been gearing up for snow clearing once the snow starts to accumulate.

Measurements of 6 to 10 inches of snow are forecast, beginning Wednesday morning through evening, prompting a winter storm warning for the area.

This is the first major deposit of snowfall this season for Fairbanks, but DOT officials always have plans in place, depending on weather forecasts.

Regional Maintenance Manager Steve Potter says crews have been working for the past several days clearing the snow that fell from the weekend and ready to go for the latest arrival.

"What they'll do now is to make sure that we have enough crew potentially lined up to be able to handle if it snows a lot," says Potter.  "We may have to call in people on overtime or something like that, so you kind of get prepared for that, set up for it, wait for it to actually start happening and kind of evolve before you do those things, but that's preparation, we're making sure the equipment, the plows are on, the sanders are set up and where they need to be so when it happens, we can, you know, the shop will be empty and we'll have everybody plowing the roads."