Stanfield's career high highlights Nanooks rifle sweeps

FAIRBANKS-The Nanook rifle team swept their competition over the weekend in their first home matches of 2014. On Monday UAF defeated the Citadel 4693-4451. Senior Mike Luizza led the nooks with a match high 593 in air rifle.

But on Saturday the Nanooks got a boost in smallbore in their win over Ohio State from Lorelie Stanfield.

Stanfield, a sophomore and Lathrop product, tied teammate Ryan Anderson for a match high 588 in smallbore. That was her career high and the Nanooks shot 2345 in smallbore which was a season high. Stanfield talks about contributing in a big way with a team that has standouts like Anderson and Tim Sherry.

"Any time somebody shoots really well it's always that, 'well I want to be the best so I'm going to try and outshoot them,'" Stanfield said. "Regardless of who it is, I mean, we're shooting as a team and that's what counts. So we're all pushing each other to do better."
UAF is number two in the nation at the moment and head coach Dan Jordan believed his team could be one of the best in the country at this time.

"We're been kind of on an upward trend throughout the year. I definitely didn't want them to peak to early and try to struggle to maintain that level all the way through the season. So it's kind of working our way up, getting better and better as we go, getting some more confidence," Jordan said. "I think we go down to shoot against West Virginia and our conference championships that' s going to be a big one."

The Nanooks are 9-0 and could wrap up their regular season undefeated with a win at West Virginia on February 6th. The Patriot Rifle Conference championships start on February 8th in Columbus Ohio.