Specuation made regarding the F-16s at Eielson Air Force Base

Today during the weekly Chamber of Commerce luncheon, speculation was made as to an announcement regarding the F-16 Squadron at Eielson Air Force Base.

According to CEO of the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation Jim Dodson, Air Force Officials will make an announcement tomorrow.

Dodson stated he had reason to believe the announcement would be that the Air Force has decided to keep the Fighter Squadron in place at Eielson.

Dodson told the Newscenter the call would be made tomorrow afternoon to discuss this announcement and that with the F-35s potentially being stationed here; it only makes sense to keep the F-16s.

He said, "We've heard from the Congressional Delegation Senator Begich's Office, Senator Murkowski's Office, and Congressman Young's Office that the acting Secretary of the Air Force, Secretary Fanning, has contacted them and is going to call tomorrow around 4pm EST to tell them the status of the F16s at Eielson. What I talked about at the Chamber today was, I believe that announcement is going to be positive, and that the F16s will stay at Eielson."