A special present for the Fairbanks Senior Center.


The people at the Fairbanks Senior Center have been trying to figure out how they could fix up their dining room.

The director of the center, Darlene Supplee,  went to Lowes to see if they could help with the project.

Supplee said "They said yes we can give you some paint on sale off the shelf  and when I went back they introduced me to a young lady by the name of Bernice and then the next thing I know,

here we are part of this lovely program and we are completely  doing a redo on the dining room."


When the work got underway earlier this month, the manager of the Lowes store was manning one of the paint brushes .


Rod Person, the local store manager said, "This is what's called Lowes heroes, which is a company directed program, where we get some money for supplies and then we donate labor so we're real excited to be here."


Supplee said the dining room is the heart of the center, and that if it hadn't been for Lowes, the makeover may not have happened.

She added, "The brand new look is going to be awesome for the center. The labor and the materials, its an astronomical gift."