Some Galena Residents will remain in Fairbanks through the winter

Flooding last spring devastated the small community of Galena, and with winter approaching some residents will remain here in Fairbanks without homes to return to.

The cost to the federal government in response and recovery efforts has reached nearly 70 million dollars.

The Department of Homeland Security said the government will pay 70 percent of that total cost, asking the state to pick up the remaining 30 percent.

Most of the 500 residents of Galena have returned to their homes, another nearly 50 people are staying in Fairbanks through the winter until their homes can be fully repaired.

The Department of Homeland Security Director John Madden said,”Tthere are some that there houses have been damaged too much, and there is too much work to do. With no rental market in Galena, they are sheltering here in Fairbanks. It's about 10% of the population, about 50 people or so."