A soldier's life remembered today at Fort Wainwright

Today on Fort Wainwright, taps rang through a silent sky as a soldier's life was remembered.

22 year old Spc. Corey R. Smathers was an infantryman with the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, at Fort Wainwright.

He entered the Army in March 2010 and arrived at Fort Wainwright in July 2010.

He deployed with the Stryker Brigade in 2011 to Afghanistan.

Earlier this month, Smathers was found dead by gunshot wound.

As family members, soldiers and friends gathered, they talked of the life that was taken quote, "much too soon."

Chaplain, Maj. Kevin Wainwright said, "A life is of infinite worth, so when its lost how do we count and measure the effects it has on us and the reality is you can't. So it's like Chaplain Englam said, it's building resilience and how do we move forward knowing and benefitting from the life that this soldier led."

Smathers is survived by his parents Amy and Jack Smathers, sister Kaytlynn, and wife Erika.