Soldiers hurt during training


A medevac helicopter that landed at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in the 5pm hour yesterday was transporting soldiers.

That's according to Public information officers at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson in Anchorage.

They say there was apparently a mishap during paratrooper training.

Some of the troops involved in the airborne operation from the Soldiers from the 425th Brigade Special Troops Battalion were hurt during the jump at the Donnelly Drop Zone near Fort Greely.



In the jump, 18 paratroopers were injured. Sixteen paratroopers were ground medevac'd, and two paratroopers were air

medevac'd. Of the 18, 17 have returned to duty. The last injured paratrooper is in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries.

Army officials say No details have been released yet on the nature of the accident.


The army is conducting an investigation.