Soldiers execute a large Air Assault Mission

This afternoon soldiers from Fort Wainwright engaged in a large scale Air Assault Mission.

What does this mean? They create a real time war situation complete with air support, ground support, and enemy insurgents.

Nearly 120 soldiers came together to put this training on paired with 4 different aircraft as support from 1-52 Aviation Battalion.

The insurgents were placed in the wooded areas outside of Eielson Air Force Base and soldiers were then Air lifted in, from there it was complete real-time training and meant to simulate a combat situation in theatre.

The soldiers had to perform many different tasks including rescuing and Medevac'ing injured and killed soldiers.

The Newscenter spoke to Sgt. Gerson Jimenez during the exercise who said, “We train hard so when we get to the actual combat we are able to perform our tasks as soldiers.  And that's not just eliminating the enemy but also saving our buddy's lives in case they get wounded. We're here this is how we train, we're trained to fight, and win America's wars.... That's what we do."

We will have more of this story in our Military Report.