Soldier honored with Purple Heart 7 years later

This afternoon soldiers gathered on Fort Wainwright for a long overdue ceremony.

Sergeant First Class Adam Aragon was awarded a Purple Heart for being injured while deployed with the 172nd Stryker Brigade 7 years ago.

During the deployment the soldiers were suddenly extended and sent to Baghdad from Mosul, Iraq.

This caused many paperwork glitches and ultimately, Aragon's medal was lost in the shuffle.

Today, he was honored for his service to our country.

Sfc. (Ret) Adam Aragon said to the Newscenter, "Seven years later honestly, I didn't see it coming. They medically retired me I kind of just lost hope and left it as it was and I know what I did over there and the people that were close to me and that was enough for me… until some very special people came into my life."