Smoked Cheese


Cheese (such as Cheddar, Jack, Colby, or other Semi-hard to Hard cheese)

Prepare grill for smoking by placing a smoke generator made from a small tuna type can on the perimeter of the charcoal grate. Place the cheese on the food grate opposite the smoke generator. Try to keep the grill temperatures below 100of by closing the air vents if needed. Heat can be allowed to escape by opening the grill lid for a few seconds as well. Smoke the cheese for about an hour, remove from the grill and cool. Do not put the cheese into a refrigerator unless it is sealed in a zip top or vacuum seal bag as it will cause the entire refrigerator to smell of smoke.

You will need a small can such as a tuna can to make a smoke generator. Clean and dry the can, then make 4 holes on the sides of the can equal distance from each other with an old style drink can opener. Place a couple pieces of lit lump charcoal or a couple lit charcoal briquettes into the can and add damp wood chips (make sure you shake off excess water) or smoking pellets to generate smoke. Alternatively you can place the charcoal in the smoke generator and light the charcoal with a propane torch. Add the chips or pellets as previously stated.