Smoke problems

The smoke over the Interior increased today thanks to the many fires burning across the state and strong southwesterly winds at higher elevations.
With the smoke comes the normal problems, scratchy throats, itchy eyes, and sometimes a cough.
With an air quality alert being issued by the burough, earlier today, the threat for more serious complications is possible.
Local physicians say the side effects of the smoke will most of time not show up with any real re-percussions until later on down the road.Tim Foote a local physician with the Tanana Valley Clinic says this smoke will cause problems later on."The smoke affects people with respiratory disease in several ways.
It's been proven from a molecular basis all the way up to large epidemiologic  studies, that it is not good.
Not only does it increase exasperations of respiratory diseases, it can also increase allergies in people who have not had them if they're in smoke ridden areas."