Sluice Box 100 results

FAIRBANKS, AK-By far it's widely considered to be the toughest and most grueling race in the Interior. There's nothing sweet about the Sluice (SLOOZ) Box 100 which concluded over the weekend. Competitors had 36 hours complete 100 miles by foot or bicycle in this test of endurance and grit.

Andrea Dubenezic passed with flying colors finishing in 15 hours 37 minutes and 21 seconds. She finished almost 90 minutes ahead of runner up Amy Breen. Laura McDonough came up from Anchorage to win the women's running title. It took her day with a 24:01:01 time.

Eric Schmidgall was the men's running champion complete 100 miles in 18 hours 20 minutes and 30 seconds. Drew Harrington came in under 20 hours and David Fee was third and was the last runner to finish at 24:43:7.

Kevin Breitenbach was the fastest overall finishing in 10:17:43 by bike. Defending champ Tyson Flaharty was second coming in 6 minutes under 11 hours.

Team Soopa Flay consisting of Taryn Lopez and Greg Deemer won the bike relay just under 14 hours. The winning running relay team of Hmm How Many More Miles: Steve Taylor, Tom Moran, Aaron and Kate Martin and Sara Young finished in 16 and half hours.

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