Shooting along the Parks Highway

On 9-21-12 at approximately 0645 hours, Troopers in Fairbanks received a report of a shooting near mile 270 of the Parks Highway.

An adult male victim and an adult female victim were able to flee from their attacker and call for help.

The male victim received at least one gunshot wound and has been transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The female was attended to by responding medical personnel but was not transported to a medical facility.

Troopers from Fairbanks and Palmer, including members of the Special Emergency Reaction Team, have responded to the area.
State Troopers have established two checkpoints along the Parks Highway with the assistance from personnel of Clear Air Force Base.
One highway checkpoint is located at mile 267 of the Parks Hwy. The other highway checkpoint is set up at mile 276 of the Parks Hwy. Motorists traveling along the highway are cautioned to not stop, not pick up hitchhikers and if they see a any suspicious activity to report it to troopers at the next checkpoint.
This is an ongoing investigation. Identifications of the victims and other investigative information is not being released at this time.