Shale Oil Town Hall

In a town hall event hosted by Fairbanks Democratic State Senator Joe Paskvan, a large crowd that turned out at the Carlson Center yesterday was educated on the benefits and challenges of bringing shale oil to Alaska.
Paskvan is co–chairman of the Senate Resources Committee.

Ed Duncan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Great Bear Petroleum Company, was one of the keynote speakers at the event.

Great Bear is said to be the leader in exploring Alaska's gas potential.

Officials say the primary objective centers around answering questions about the potential of Alaska's resource basin, which Great Bear is exploring, and what it might mean for Alaska in terms of job development, infrastructure and environmental concerns.

Yesterday's town hall came in light of recent news that Great Bear found oil in its early test wells on the North Slope and is considering moving ahead with full–scale shale oil development possibly within a year.