Sentencing in Local Robbery Attempt


A 28–year old Fairbanks woman, ONE of TWO local women connected to a credit union robbery, will serve NO additional jail time after she was sentenced this afternoon in State Court.
28–year old Jenessa Kempski had been charged with Robbery in the First Degree and Felony Theft.
Earlier this year, Kempski pled guilty to the Theft charge, in exchange for having the Robbery charge dismissed.
According to court records, last February 13th, the two women, Kempski, and 22–year old Paulette Akerelrea ("ack–ah–rail–ray") drove up to the True North Credit Union on Cushman Street and passed a note to the teller through the pneumatic tube.
The note read, (quote)"There is a bomb in your bank. Put as much money in this and send it back or it will go off." (close quote).
Akerelrea pled guilty to a misdemeanor driving offense, and had her more serious charges dismissed as well.
She has already been sentenced in the case.