Sentencing hearing for boy's death

The emotional sentencing hearing for 69–year old Yiki Kim wrapped up late Wednesday in Fairbanks superior court, with Kim herself taking the stand, and telling a crowded courtroom she wished it had been her who died instead of the 11–year old boy she struck and killed.

Kim wasn't the only witness on the stand for the defense.

The young boy had been on his way to school during the early morning hours of august 30th, 2011, and died later that evening due to injuries sustained.

Kim, who state troopers say was under the influence of prescription medications at the time, was given a three and a half year prison term, as part of a plea deal struck with prosecutors.

Also testifying, kim's 11–year old granddaughter Tracy, who was riding with her grandmother when Jamison Thrun was struck by Kim's sport utility vehicle.