Senator Lisa Murkowski visits Fort Wainwright to talk furlough

This afternoon Senator Lisa Murkowski visited both Fort Wainwright and Eielson to talk to Federal Employees about the impending furlough.

Although it was recently reduced from 22 days to 14 days, the employees had many questions and concerns not only for themselves but for the mission they support as part of Fort Wainwright.

And still many questions went unanswered.

Regarding the budget the Senator said that half way through the fiscal year, the Pentagon will have spent 80 percent of the allotted budget and it is not improving.

She also addressed the employees who were ready to retire and waiting a strikingly long time of 10 months or more to begin receiving their benefits.

Many in attendance just wanted answers to the unknown.

Fort Wainwright Firefighter Chris Burke said, “When is it going to stop? We haven’t gotten a pay raise in three years; our benefits are being eroded away. It’s just sad that you live so uncertainly when you are just trying to serve your country.”