Senator Lisa Murkowski comments on impending civilian and military furlough action.

Several speakers spoke frankly, but optimistically about how the military will continue to function in the face of impending budget cuts.

Late Friday evening, while thanking service members, family and the Fairbanks community for their support, Alaska Senator Lisa

Murkowski, who will meet with military officials, soldiers and their families Monday at Eielson Air Force Base, singled out

civilian, defense employees, who unlike their uniformed counterparts, are likely to face furloughs in the near future.

"We need to remember that our military aren't impacted by the Sequestration, they are impacted in terms of furlough's and pay.  But our

civilian side is," said the veteran lawmaker who spoke to News Center 11 outside the Carlson Center.

"The anxiety that this causes on the active side with the reduction in spending that we're going to see is going to impact training.  We're going to

see an impact here in the Interior, so now more than ever, it's time for us as a community, as a state, to really rally around our service men and women

and their families."