Senator Lisa Murkowski attends Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region

FAIRBANKS, Ak - Senator Lisa Murkowski is taking in the sights and sounds of Iceland all this week as she attends the 10th Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region.

The conference, once held at UAF back in 2008, is an opportunity for governments of the eight arctic nations to come together over issues of mutual concern.

In addition to hearing about the trends and latest approaches other arctic nations are using, Murkowski will educate the representatives about emerging opportunities in resource development, cargo shipping, and tourism for the Alaskan region.

Murkowski says she is interested in learning about Iceland's energy needs and their successful use of national resources.

"It will be my first visit to Iceland and to learn for myself, see how they as a nation have become almost entirely independent of outside energy sources. They rely on geothermal and hydro for just about all of their energy needs, and how they've been able to utilize that," said Murkowski.