Senator Joe Paskvan updates his Constituents regarding Energy

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- Senator Joe Paskvan is in town to hold public meetings for his constituents and to update the community on efforts to bring affordable energy to the Interior.

Paskvan is a sitting member of the Joint In–State Gas Caucus which will meet next Monday (July 30) in Anchorage.

The senator says he recently visited active oil fields on the North Slope and is optimistic new oil production and technologies to produce oil from shale will help refill the Trans–Alaska Pipeline.

In the meantime, he feels certain a natural gas trucking option is the best solution for the Interior.

Golden Valley, Flint Hills Resources and Fairbanks Natural Gas have multiple gas–trucking scenarios; each with benefits and concerns from their perspective, however, Paskvan believes, overall, trucking gas is the quickest solution to immediate energy needs.

"The hope for, or the expectation as to that, is that we will have lower than $4 a gallon equivalent heating oil costs and one has to remain optimistic at the moment that we can get lower costs permanently," said the senator.