Senator expresses concerns about Fairbanks Four investigation

The state has begun to review a 1997 Fairbanks murder case that led to the convictions of four Fairbanks Native men who maintain new information proves their innocence.

The review comes after the Alaska Innocence Project filed new information in September about the convictions of the so-called Fairbanks Four in the death of John Hartman.

Senator Lisa Murkowski today contacted United States Attorney General Eric Holder to bring the Alaska review of the Fairbanks Four case to his attention.

Murkowski updated the Attorney General on the grave concerns of many Alaskans that the four Alaska Natives found guilty of the October 10th, 1997 homicide may not be responsible for the death.

The state department of law had said that it quote, 'remains confident that all four convictions were properly obtained based upon the evidence presented at the trials.", end quote.

Murkowski said that statement raised questions within the Alaska Native community on whether the State of Alaska can and will objectively investigate its past conduct.

The senator said it is crucial that no stone be left unturned with respect to the question of whether "The Fairbanks Four" have been unlawfully incarcerated.