Senate Clears Bill to pay Active Duty Military in potential shutdown

Members of Congress have been working to come to an agreement and thousands of Federal Jobs are on the line.

More the 800,000 Federal Jobs to be exact and nearly 15,000 of those jobs are here in Alaska.

Roughly 8,700 could face furloughs that would leave them without a paycheck.

Up until hours ago, Active Duty Military pay was also on the line, leaving thousands of soldiers both at home and serving overseas without income for their mid-month paycheck.

Congress was able to come to an agreement and clear a Bill that would protect Active Duty Paychecks however; Department of Defense employees have yet to see any relief, and according to Senator Lisa Murkowski's social media outlets, the outlook is not good.

Officials with U.S. Army Alaska say, although Active Duty Pay may be saved this time, the effects of the shutdown will still be seen in their training.

Without their civilian counterparts and proper funding, training exercises will either be scaled back, postponed, or could be cancelled entirely.

Another area of impact of the potential Government Shutdown will be the Commissary’s.

According to the Defense Commissary Agency, Military commissaries overseas would be open in the event of a government shutdown.

However, stateside commissaries, including those here in Alaska, will be open only "for a full business day on October 1st to reduce the amount of perishables on-hand before beginning a systematic closure process to account for unsold products and secure facilities."