Search continues for cancer cure

Cancer survivors and their families and supporters were out in force at this years "Relay for Life."

At times there was heavy rain falling, but it didn't stop them.

Its been a long fight, but they are still seeking a cure for the disease.

Hannah Brice-Smith, co-chair of the 2012 Relay, said "Cancer isn't something that you're going to cure all at once, you're going to cure it one thing at a time and that's what were doing were tackling it one cancer at a time."

President Nixon declared war on cancer in the early 70's.

We have made advances since then theres some big advances and then other areas  things go a little bit more slowly but it's a very difficult problem tied to a lot of difficult and complex biology's", said Dr. Andrew Cox from the Fairbanks Cancer Treatment Center.

30 years ago, a person with cancer was hidden away. Now, survivors, and even those in treatment, are out with their supporters.

Dr. Cox said "Survivors and victims' do have a lot of support and understanding publicly and like I said I'd like to see the understanding more with some of the other diseases you know rheumatoid arthritis could be, I mean I could name a whole host of diseases that can be very disabling and have equal impact on families.

This years Relay for Life raised over $250,000 locally.