School begins soon

Believe it or not the opening for school in the Fairbanks and North Pole communities is right around the corner. 
Parents need to remember five important items according to officials at the Fairbanks North Star School District.
First...make sure that their children's shot record is current.
Next...know your children's bus schedule, you can find that information on the school district's web site.
Third... attend your school's "ice cream" social next week to meet your teachers and ask questions. supplies are imperative. Bill Bailey with the school district says school supplies should be at the top of the list. "4th thing is buy your student school supplies in advance. They're not required, but it helps.
You can find your student school supply list on the school district's web site.
And the 5th thing is, this is an important recommendation.
It's something that we're working on in our own house.
It would help if you can help transition your kid into a sleep schedule more condusive to the school year.
That's something that over the summertime kids stay up more late or so.
Those are the 5 important things."