Schmitz and McDowell win Santa Claus Half Marathon

NORTH POLE-Saturday morning in the North Pole runners and walkers were on hand for the sixth race in the Flint Hills Cup Series. The 20th Annual Santa Claus Half Marathon.

At the end of the 13. 1 mile race Devin McDowell, the Flint Hills points leader for the men's division, won the race in one hour 19 minutes and 38 seconds. The hometown favorite, Christi Schmitz, the former North Pole Patriot and UAA senior was first for the women in 1:31:19. Her time was also a top ten finish.

Roger Sayre (1:20:26.9), Ian Wilkinson (1:26:49.3), Robert Stolzberg 1:28:08.3 and Thomas Moran 1:33:03.7 were the top five for the men.

First-timer Barb Leonard (1:35:09.7), Anna Worden (1:36:07.9), Erika Burr (1:36:14.1) and Cincinnati's Haley Berkins (1:39:54.5) were the top five for the women.