Sass leads Yukon Quest, first to Dawson City

DAWSON CITY, CANADA-Last night while you were sleeping three mushers made it to the Dawson City checkpoint.

But Brent Sass was the first one in so he'll get four ounces of gold, courtesy of Joe and Wendy Fellers, from Fell-Hawk Placers, for being the first to reach Dawson. He'll receive the gold if he completes the race.

Sass came into Dawson City about 11:30 pm last night. He's had the lead since Tuesday morning.

Now for the top three. Following Sass is Allen Moore and Hugh Neff. They all arrived two hours after each other.

Cody Strathe is in fourth place and he is at the Eagle checkpoint. Rookie Matt Hall is in Eagle as well. It's his hometown and the rook is in fifth and the twenty two year-old is one pace for rookie of the year

Jerry Joinson got another penalty. This one is for two hours for not having adeqaute food for a dropped dog. In addition to his eight hour penalty for replacing a sled he'll be at Dawson for 46 hours of mandatory rest when he arrives. Right now is in twelfth at the Slaven's Roadhouse checkpoint.