Sammons and Behling continue to lead at Speedway

FAIRBANKS, AK-Last evening at the North Pole Speedway a few racers can look forward to a good weekend because they finished with drivable cars. One of those racers is Justin Sammons the leader this season for the Bandos class.

Sammons was second to Jessica King in the first heat but got first in the second heat. So a tiebreaker if you will in the main event and Sammons caught King with a beautiful move to the inside to take a lead that he would not relinquish winning the Bandos main event.

On to the legends class where Dave Behling, who came back this season after taking a break, continues his dominance. All Trettel, nearing 60 years old, the savvy veteran was on Behling's tale the entire main event.
Then a collision late in the race between Rod Harker and Bille Slayden would bring out a caution. They had some messed up fenders but were ok. At the restart Behling gets the edge and he would go on to win the main event after coming second in the two heats.

I talked to Trettel about the close race and if anyone can catch Behling.

"Just a close race again he had that edge coming out of the corner. I worked on a few things. I can say the carburetion and some other things but it helped some but it didn't give me enough. He still had a half of a length on me and it's a young man's sports I can say that again," Trettel laughed.

Trettel said at this point misfortune is the only thing that can allow another driver to capture a points title or challenge Behling.

"It's going to be a wreck. That's the only thing that's going to happen and he won't be able to get the car fixed. Hopefully we miss the wreck and we can get out there because that's how we lost and won championships in the past," Trettel said.

In the leaderboards for the Bandos and Legends it's Sammons and Behling.

Sammons is still no top of the class with 1794 points. Steven Hunter continues to finish races but a win or two would be huge for him sitting 67 points back. Parzick (1552), King (1493), and Todd (1270) complete the top five.
Behling is the leader of the Legends with 2095 points. Al Trettel is second at 87 points back. Daniel Slayden (1955) and Austin (1791) and Ryan Cote (1785) round out the top five.

There are seven races left and one Dirt Day at the Mitchell Raceway for the Legends and Bandos. July 18th is the National Qualifier.