Safeway Programs to Help the Food Bank

FAIRBANKS- The food bank has several programs around town because they would like to stock up on food for the holiday season and beyond.   The COO of the Food Bank, Anne Weaver says, “During those months we’re going to give out 80,000  more pounds each months than we receive in.  So the donations that come in now even if we exceed our goals is going to help during those colder months.”

Every single grocery store across town is a huge donor to the food bank, so anywhere you shop helps the food bank, but Safeway has two special programs going, on, Tater Tags and Food bags to end hunger. Those who want to donate a bag of potatoes can ask for a “Tater Tag,” which costs $5.49 and sends a 10 lbs bag of potatoes to the food bank. They also have the hunger bag program which costs 10 dollars and send specific food items like noodles to the food bank.

For those buying groceries with extra cash to spare, tell the cashier that you are interested in participating in the Tater Tags or the Hunger Bag program.