Rural residents affected by major flooding evacuated from area.

Late Monday evening, and through Tuesday, charter flights began bringing residents from Galena and other affected areas, to Fairbanks, Anchorage and other rural areas after they were told

it was unsafe to remain at home.

News Center 11 Reporter Darryl Lewis was at the East Ramp of Fairbanks International Airport just before 2 a.m. as some of the evacuee's were arriving in Fairbanks.

"The water was just rolling in everywhere," said Galena resident Darlene Billings. "I grabbed a little bag that's it. My grandkids, and my great grandkids, we came in. We had to get out of


Other evacuee's spoke through tears at the sudden turn of events.

It's a disaster, really," said Galena resident Dee Dee Stickman. "I don't know any other way I can put it. All I had time to do was get my kids, and get a few things that we could get, and the

water was already at our steps."

"It's really bad, my husband Is still there," cried Corina Olin-Duncan. "It's really scary...we lost everything. Everybody pretty much lost everything.

The Tanana Chiefs Conference has been heading up the evacuation efforts, as residents affected are being housed and fed at different local venues.

TCC employee Leda Cruger says the venture is also "personal" for her.

"I'm originally from Galena" say Cruger. "So it's really hard for me to hear and see my friends and family coming in and knowing that their houses are destroyed."