A rottweiler wins final weight pull of the year

FAIRBANKS-The Interior Freight Dog Association had the end of the season weight pull at the state fair over the weekend and the winners were some familiar names.
Clyde the rottweiler pulled the most. 2,000 pounds in 15.78 seconds under the guidance of Cierra Preuett. This is the same team who pulled 2360 pounds back on July 4th which was a middleweight record seen here.

The fastest pull of the day with 6.9 seconds pull. Shadow won the ultralight division pulling 1400 pounds in 21.87 seconds. Mossy pulled 1520 pounds in just over 11 seconds to win the light division.

Now here are your 2012-2013 Dog Pull season champions. The season awards were given out at the state fair. This list goes by dog then handler.

Roger with Nick won the ultra light weight division. Mossy with Brad were the light weight division winners. Barrow with Jen are the middle weight division champs and Jager with Carol won the heavy weight division crown. The Most Improved award went to Sioux and Amber.

Now the Interior Freight Dog Association via Facebook said they want to quote, "revamp the association with monthly practice events to encourage new dogs and handlers to join us in our events."

There was also a decrease in dogs competing as well as sponsors this season citing the reasons why the decision was made to wait until 2014.