Roadway on UAF Campus to close due to Major Construction Projects


FAIRBANKS, Ak - Major construction at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus will require the closure of a major roadway.

UAF Facility Service officials say Tanana Loop will partially close April 1 from the west end of the Bunnell Building to the east side of the Duckering Building and will remain closed for two years.

The closure is necessary for contractors as they prepare to complete a number of projects, including the Wood Center Dining expansion and construction of the new Engineering Building among others.

A temporary road will be built later this year from Salcha Street to the South Bunnell lot to allow additional parking as the Tanana Loop closure expands.

Facility Services says the campus will remain accessible.

Martin Klein, a business manager with Facilities Service said, ""For parking, we will still have the Taku parking lot, off of Farmer's Loop open and we'll have pretty good shuttle service coming up from that lot into the Wood Center.  The Nenana Parking Lot, which was all tore up last summer, the good news is that won't be tore up and that'll be open and available for parking, there will be a shuttle that brings people from that location to the Eielson complex."