Rimiller finishes PHH 5K a year after recovering from heart failure

FAIRBANKS, AK-On Sunday up on the hill at the UAF Patty Center the Presbretyrian Hospitality House had their annual Fun Run. This 5K Fun Run helps the mission of the Presbretyrian Hospitality House which aids toubled youth and families in the Interior.

George Rimiller's finish was the story of this race. Last year Rimiller, 52 and Fairbanks resident of five years, suffered what doctor's called sudden cardiac death for 18 minutes when he collapsed during a run at West Valley. He just blacked out after looking up at the scoreboard for his time while running then suddenly blacked out. He woke up in the hospital. This year's 5K was special to Rimiller as every race he participates in represents his second chance at life.

"I've kept running in my life and I'm just going to get stronger everyday as each race goes by. But I'm blessed to be here. I had a great group of people at the Running Club that came to the rescue last year when I needed and did their CPR, kept me alive until the ambulance got there. So it's been a life changing experience," Rimiller said. "I sometimes wonder if that'd happened to me in the lower 48 if people wouldn't have just walked over me and not came to my rescue. But these people have been great I love this community."