Reynolds wins second GCI ONAC title

FAIRBANKS-Fairbanks's own Arleigh Reynolds wins his second straight GCI Open North American Championship on Sunday. The story is his own dog team made him earn it this year.

Reynolds had about a 3 minute lead going into Sunday's final 26.9 mile race but he lost about 90 seconds because one of his dogs Cal, got loose and ran off so Reynolds had to chase her down and rein her back in.

Reynolds ended up finishing with the second fastest time on Sunday which was enough to win. 225:46.5 was his winning time.

Jason Dunlap was 2nd finishing in 229:12.2 in three days after he lost his way on the trails. James Wheeler was third in 235:40.5.

Reynolds has won this year's Fur Rondy, the ONAC and eyes the Tok Run for another triple crown to complete his farewell tour. He plans to retire at the end of season.