Resident Wins Lottery (SCAM Update)

FAIRBANKS- As we reported earlier today, a resident from North Pole says the Las Vegas Lottery awarded him a new BMW car and 5 million dollars. He soon realized it was a scam because he was asked to buy a "Green Dot Card," which is basically a prepaid credit card and give back the numbers.  He called the troopers, who agreed it was scam, but he says the call was very convincing, and the callers tried more than 10 times to re–contact him.  

Another viewer says her mother-in-law was tricked by this scam and lost thousands of dollars. She believes the callers target senior citizens, and says her family has been dealing with the complication for more than a year.

The Fairbanks Police say there are many types of phone scams and before giving important information hang up and do a little research first. Once you give out important information or money, there is very little you can do to defend yourself, and problems may persist for years into the future.