Redistricting Boundaries pit several Incumbents against each other

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- The filing deadline for candidates interested in running for State office has officially closed.

The Amended Proclamation of Redistricting as adopted by the State Division of Elections has resulted in several incumbents running against each other.

Both Representatives Tammie Wilson and Robert Miller won their respective districts outright last election.

This go-around, however, pits each incumbent against each other in the newly shaped District 2 boundaries.

Bob Miller is running as a Democrat, Wilson is a registered Republican.

Incumbent Democrat Representative Scott Kawasaki has drawn two Republican challengers to District 4.

Well-known Fairbanksans, David Pruhs and Urban Rahoi will first challenge each other in the primary election before taking on Kawasaki in the General Election.

House District 1 offers a slew of Republican contenders, including current North Pole Mayor Doug Isaacson.

Janice Golub is the only Democrat who has filed to run, so she will be on the General Election ballot.

On the Senate side, Anne Sudkamp has thrown her hat in the ring for State Senate District C, however, she faces a slew of Republican contenders.

Former Senator Ralph Seekins is among the candidates for District C, as is former State Labor Commissioner, Click Bishop.

Bishop resigned from his State-appointed job earlier this year.

In a powerhouse match-up, Senator John B. Coghill Jr. is pitted against Senator Joe J. Thomas, both men with substantial years in the State Legislature.

The same can be said of the District B race as incumbent Democrat Senator Joe Paskvan will contend against former State Senator, Pete Kelly.

Primary elections will take place August 28th, 2012 with the General Election scheduled for November 6th.