Red Cross helps the South

Even though the recent Hurricane Isaac didn't achieve the strength of a strong hurricane, it was enough to cause widespread devastation to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

The destruction has warranted a nationwide plea from the American Red Cross for assistance.

That plea has been received in Alaska and trained volunteers are now coming forward to give whatever help they can.

The volunteers will be flown down to the Gulf Coast area for a three week period lending whatever skills they can to aid with the massive flooding that is still on–going even though the storm has passed.

Michell Daku District Director for the local American Red Cross, says those going down to the Gulf States are trained.

"We have over nine volunteers throughout the State of Alaska, and even though we're a large State, we have very specific divisions in each part of the State.

So in order to be able to send out nine individuals that are volunteers, who have been trained by the American Red Cross is huge.

And three of those nine are coming out of Fairbanks."