Record setting opening day of WEIO 2014

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FAIRBANKS-The first day of of the 53rd World Eskimo Indian Olympics was a day to remember. Four new world records were made.

Bernard Clark out of Wasilla set a new record in the one hand reach, touching the ball at 70 inches. Clark talks about how he trained to set the new one hand reach record.

"I've hit 70 before in practices just a couple of times and I didn't expect it to be tonight. What I've been doing hanging a 3.5mm earplug piece that goes in earphones I've been hanging that and using that to target practice for," Clark said.

The first event of the day one was the scissor broad jump event. This event simulates hoping around floating ice. The last time this event was at WEIO was 2006 so it's been almost 10 years. The hard part is the landing as both heels have to be down for it to count.

Unalakleet's Nick Hanson made his count. He executed a 36 foot 7 inch jump in the scissor broad jump event breaking a world record that stood since 1992.

Matthew Evans of Fairbanks set a new world record in the four man carry last night going 241 feet 8 inches.

Nome's Marjorie Tahbone is the fastest at fish cutting setting a new record in 30.5 seconds.

Amber Carpluk, formerly Vaska, won her third straight kneel jump title winning with a 51 and a half inch jump.

Autumn Ridley of Anchorage repeats as the one the hand reach women's champion winning with a 57 inch reach the same winning reach from last year. Kyle Worl, also from Anchorage, won the men's kneel jump in 60 and one quarter inches.

Wednesday also featured the Race of the Torch 5K race. The race of the Torch field had 29 runners 14 men and 15 women. 15 year old Keel Simon of Fairbanks repeats as the Race of the Torch champion. Finishing in 18:27 beating his time from last year. Marjorie Tahbone, from Nome, in her 8th WEIO won the women's title in 23:22. The win was special for her.

"I've never done the race of the torch. So I figured I might as well try it," Tahbone said. "So this is my first time doing it and winning it for the first time is surprising. I'm so honored to be able to do this race next to these women who have done it for so long."

"I was thinking don't think of head and think "oh yeah this is easy I'm going to win" I just had to keep my mind on the run uh make sure I put all of my focus into the running and not the finish," Simon said about his repeat in the 5K race.

The women's prelims in the blanket toss were on opening night as well.