Rams defeat the bigger Wolfpack in four sets

FAIRBANKS-Last night there was non-conference matchup between the Rams and Wolfpack in high school volleyball at Boileau Hall.

The Rams were not intimidated by West Valley's size taking the first set. 25-15. West Valley responded in the second with a 25-15 win of their own. Monroe bounced back taking a critical third set 25-20 thanks Emily Pfister's performance.

The 5"6" sophomore was fearless amongst the trees with 16 kills. Marissa King added 12 as well. Seniors Samantha Crawford and Deenaalee Hodgden had six kills apiece to lead West Valley. Ruthie Hebard added a game high five blocks as well.

Jackie Lemons ace for the Rams sealed it in the fourth set that went 25-18 to the Rams who a get a huge win. They dedicated the match to teammate Sabrina Mariutto who passed away this year to cancer. For Monroe it was about playing with emotion and their heads.

"We always have to go with our gut. Swing hard no matter who's going up there, be smart, you know, and really being smart on the court, tipping the certain places," Pfister said. "That's what really helped us was being smart."
Junior middle blocker and setter Andi Clark was excited about the win for Monroe. They split two games with them last year but this is not the same West Valley team.

"It's hard to explain. It just felt so exciting, because West Valley is really hard to beat and we haven't really beaten them like at all. I think this is the first time in a long time," Clark said.
Monroe head coach Dave Obermeyer in first year at the helm for the programs believes its about perseverance.

"I think we just need to weather the storms. You know, we have bad runs. We've just got to learn how to go through them and continue to win," Obermeyer said.
Dave Cox, West Valley's head coach, says his team just hasn't found its place yet with two games into their season.

"Big thing iswe're struggling with chemistry right now. We have lots of physical ability, but until we start playing as a unified team at all times we're going to struggle like that and that's basically what we saw tonight," Cox Said.

Monroe is 2-0 and West Valley is now 1-1.