Rally on Oil Tax Legislation set for April 4 statewide.

The "Backbone" organization is calling on Alaskans to show their support for getting a fair return for Alaska's oil resources.

Organization officials say on Thursday April 4th at noon, locations across the state will hold rallies to "Stop The Giveaway."

They say Alaskans are encouraged to "gather within their communities and take photos of themselves to share on the Backbone

Facebook page."

The Fairbanks event will be held at Veterans Memorial Park on Seventh Avenue.

The issue of oil taxes is a top priority down in Juneau with the Alaska Legislature.

State Representative Scott Kawasaki, a Fairbanks Democrat, says its passage could be "catastrophic"

for the state.

"If this oil tax bill were to pass it could potentially cost the state a billion dollars a  year," said Kawasaki.

A billion dollars is less to the treasure for schools, it's less to the treasure for roads, it's less to the treasury in the state

for projects like local energy solutions that we keep talking about.  We haven't had any assurances from the industry that there

will be new oil produced, so its very alarming that we will have to be cutting budgets in order to pay for oil tax breaks to the big corporations.