Pruitt: Tax reform is vital for Alaska

Tax reform is vital for our states future.

That was the message yesterday at the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce luncheon by the Alaska House Majority leader.

Anchorage Representative Lance Pruitt said, "If we're not competitive, we're not going to have the revenues or the jobs to make Alaska's economy grow."

Pruitt said the Legislature has 30 days to make choices that will give oil producers a reason to invest and explore.

He also said lawmakers are becoming more supportive of a project to truck gas down from the North Slope.

Pruitt Told Newscenter 11, "We recognize that Fairbanks needs gas. On top of that, we recognize the long–term solution, which would be the natural gas pipeline needs a distribution network. You can't just run a pipe past Fairbanks and just expect that all of a sudden you're going to be using a certain amount of the gas that is provided on that. You have to build that network, and so people down in the Legislature recognize that."